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10 Things to think about when you’re rebranding your business (5 min. read)

Making the decision to rebrand can involve a lot of planning, effort, and resources. Despite that, one of my favorite things about working alongside small businesses is watching them evolve and change over time. I’ve watched menus come and go, products and change and be reborn. I’ve watched logos undergo redesign after redesign, only to finally become just right and breathe life into someone’s brand. 

Those changes can be both overwhelming and exciting, but they always represent an opportunity for learning and growth.  [keep reading below]

If your business or personal brand is evolving, remember that 95% of your work is going to be done behind the scenes – long before any follower or customer begins to see changes. There’s a lot to consider as you begin to think about what the final product of your rebranding might look like. Here are some questions to consider as you begin organizing your ideas:

1. Who is your customer? I mean, really?

What other brands do you think they might identify with? How is their home decorated? What are their goals? Even if you don’t have an interest in developing an Ideal Customer Avatar, just asking yourself some simple questions is a good way to consider who you want to reach with your brand identity.

2. What does your brand voice sound like?

Think about the platforms where you have a social media presence. Think about what your brand voice sounds like. Is it informative, funny, inspirational, energetic, or insightful? How much humor do you use? Many entrepreneurs decide to use a confident, semi-casual tone that feels authentic and reflects their individuality.

3. How much of your brand identity are you changing?

Maybe you love your logo, but you just want to change the colors. You’re in love with your website, but it doesn’t quite vibe with your social pages. Or, maybe you want a complete overhaul to represent a totally new version of your brand. While the ‘complete branding packages’ out there offer generally everything you would need to get started, it’s also important to remember that your goals and needs are unique. There may be instances where a one-size-fits-all branding solution isn’t the right fit.

4. How much of your design and rebranding do you want to outsource?

You don’t have to become a master of every skill. It’s okay, and even best, to outsource the things that can be done better, faster, or more affordably by a freelancer or contractor. Decide what you want to outsource and then find a trusted partner for your project. Artwork, copywriting, social media campaigns, and many more tasks can be supported by a virtual assistant or other professional to help you create the brand you envision.

5. Have you done an analysis of your competitors?

As you develop your palette, fonts, and other design elements, think of ways you can stand out. Spend some time reminding yourself of what other businesses are presenting in the marketplace. Your design elements should represent you, authentically. Rebranding is an opportunity for creative expression and a chance to make yourself more visible.

6. What is your budget, and how do you want to allocate it?

When you partner with a freelancer or contractor to help with rebranding, make sure your budget is part of the conversation. Remember, they’re entrepreneurs too and they’ll appreciate the clarity. Talking about your budget can help your virtual assistant or graphic designer develop a solution that fits your needs. You may need help with some things more than others, so consider that when thinking about where to spend your budget.

7. Who do you want to partner with on your rebranding?

If you don’t already have a ‘virtual handy man’, this is a good time to ask for referrals and recommendations from other small businesses. Don’t be shy – reach out to several professionals through their website or email and see what kind of responses come back. Set up virtual calls to talk about your goals. In time, you’ll find someone who is a good fit for your business.

8. How much of your copy needs to be written or revised?

This is a good time to start a list, if you haven’t already, of anything that needs rewritten. In addition to your social media bios and information tabs, you may have copy that needs updated on your website, email footers, letterhead, and print materials. If you have active advertisements running, those may need to be paused and then relaunched with your new branded materials.

9. If you have a physical product, how do you envision it being displayed or packaged?

Thinking about packaging and materials allows you to imagine where your logo might appear on the box. If your product will be packaged elegantly, is your branding also elegant? If your product has an unusual shape, where will your logo fit? Consider these factors, among others, when you’re making the final decisions.

10. Do you have an action plan for completing your rebranding project on time?

Without good project management, it can be difficult to get tasks checked off and move towards completion. And while your brand may be in perpetual evolution, it’s also important to establish a strong and consistent brand identity for your customers. Constantly changing logos and bios can be distracting. It’s no fun for you either when you’re doing the work behind the scenes over, and over, and over. Flexibility is important, but it’s equally important to have clear, actionable steps that your project can reach completion and you can move on to growing your business in other ways.

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